Feedback Report Template

This Feedback Template includes:

Spider Diagram: A spider diagram, also known as a radial diagram, is a graphical method used to display information in a structured, visual format. It is typically used for organizing and representing data or concepts that are interconnected around a central idea or theme. The central idea is placed in the centre, and related concepts branch out from it like the legs of a spider.

Summary of Competencies: It refers to a concise overview of an individual's or an organization's key skills, abilities, and strengths. These competencies can vary depending on the context, such as in a job application, a performance review, or a business proposal. 

Free Type Questions: It refer to open-ended or unrestricted questions that allow respondents or participants to provide detailed and unstructured responses. These questions are often used in surveys, interviews, assessments, and other data collection methods to gather qualitative information and insights.

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