Employee Orientation Manual Template


Welcome to Employee Handbook, a thorough resource detailing the rules and regulations governing your employment. This handbook aims to offer you a transparent insight into the expectations, your entitlement, and the diverse policies that influence the workplace environment.

This Handbook Includes Information about the Following Policies:

Company History:

Include the founding year, milestones, evolution, key events, expansion, awards, and recognitions.

Meet Our Team:

Introduce visionary leaders and key executives in the company.

Company Values:

Highlight company culture based on excellence, teamwork, innovation, respect, integrity, work-life balance, professional development, inclusivity, diversity, open communication, and community engagement.

What to Expect:

Welcome new employees, and provide company background, mission, vision, and core values.

Explain employment policies, classifications, terms, working hours, attendance, and punctuality.

Resources Guide:

Provide resources available to employees, including company intranet, HR contacts, company policies, training and development, and more.

Our Policy:

Describe the importance of the employee handbook in communicating company policies, including anti-harassment, safety, work hours, compensation, and benefits.

Points of Contact:

List critical contacts like HR, IT support, payroll, and emergency contacts.

Remote Working:

Explain the company's remote work policy, emphasizing communication, collaboration, data security, and ergonomics.

Your First Day:

Outline the agenda for a new employee's first day, including orientation, paperwork, office tour, IT setup, policy review, introductions, training, benefits, and culture.

Your First 30 Days:

Provide a general plan for a new employee's first month, covering orientation, paperwork, training, job shadowing, goal setting, and check-ins.

Company Structure:

Visual representation of the company's organizational structure, including leadership roles, committees, departments, and employees.

Your Development:

Emphasize the company's commitment to continuous learning and growth, offering various opportunities for skill enhancement.


List expected employee benefits, such as health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and life insurance.


Suggest what should be included in the employee handbook and what can be omitted based on company needs.


Employee acknowledgement of receiving the handbook, understanding its contents, and agreeing to comply with company policies.

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