Staff Handbook Template


  • Brief overview of the handbook and its importance.


  • A structured list of topics and sections included in the handbook.

Starting with

  • About the Company: Background and foundational information about the organization.
  • Your Induction: Procedures and guidelines for new employees.
  • Statement of Employment Terms and Conditions: A summary of the basic employment agreement.
  • Our Relocation Policy: Guidelines for employees relocating for work.
  • Probation Periods: Details on the initial trial period for new employees.
  • Your Attendance at Work: Expectations for attendance and guidelines for absences.
  • Hours of Work: Standard working hours and variations.
  • Flexible Working: Options for flexible work schedules and conditions.
  • Criminal Records Checks: Policy on background checks.
  • Conflict of Interest: Guidelines on potential professional conflicts.
  • Standards of Performance and Behaviour at Work: Expectations and guidelines for professional conduct.

Valuing Diversity and Dignity at Work

  • Valuing Diversity: The company's stance and actions towards promoting diversity.
  • Dignity at Work: Policies promoting respect and preventing harassment in the workplace.

Pay, Benefits & Pensions

  • Salary Arrangements: Information about salary structure and payment schedules.
  • Overtime: Policies regarding overtime work and compensation.
  • Income Tax: Overview of tax deductions from the salary.
  • Business Travel: Guidelines for work-related travel.
  • Sickness Pay Provision: Details on sick leave and related compensations.
  • Pension Scheme: Information on retirement benefits and contributions.

Leave Arrangements

  • Policies and guidelines related to various types of leave, including:
    • Annual Leave, Maternity Leave and Pay, Paternity Leave and Pay, Parental Leave, and Time Off For Dependents.

Health and Safety

  • Procedures and guidelines ensuring employee safety. This section includes:
    • Introduction to safety, procedures during accidents, first aid, fire safety, and personal safety tips.

Training and Development

  • Training and Development Policy: Company's stance on employee growth.
  • Personal Development Planning: Procedures for planning and tracking employee development.

Leaving <Company>

  • Policies and guidelines for employees planning to leave or retire from the company.


  • Appendix 1: Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures.
  • Appendix 2: Contacts for various departments or personnel.
  • Appendix 3: Confirmation form for receipt of the handbook.

This handbook serves as a comprehensive guide for employees, providing clarity on company policies, benefits, expectations, and procedures. It aims to foster a positive and transparent working environment.

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