HR Recruitment Dashboard KPIS With Recruitment Cost

HR Recruitment Dashboard with Recruitment Cost: This HR recruitment dashboard is a powerful tool that provides a comprehensive view of your company's recruitment efforts, highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs) and recruitment cost analysis. It is designed to assist HR professionals and talent acquisition teams in making informed decisions about their recruitment strategy.


Recruitment Funnel: The recruitment funnel visualizes the entire hiring process, from the initial application stage to the final offer and acceptance. It helps you track the progress of candidates at each stage, identifying areas where candidates may drop off or face delays. This allows for better optimization of your recruitment process and ensures a smoother candidate experience.


Gender Ratio: Promoting diversity and inclusion is a vital aspect of modern recruitment. This dashboard displays the gender ratio of your candidate pool, providing insights into your company's commitment to gender diversity. It helps you monitor your progress toward gender diversity goals and make data-driven decisions to enhance inclusivity in your workforce.


Days and Age Cluster: Efficient recruitment is not just about finding the right candidates; it's also about finding them quickly. The dashboard includes metrics related to the number of days it takes to fill a position, helping you assess the efficiency of your hiring process. Additionally, the age cluster analysis allows you to understand the age distribution of your hires, providing insights into generational trends within your workforce.


Recruitment Cost Analysis: One of the central elements of this dashboard is the recruitment cost analysis. It provides a detailed breakdown of recruitment expenses, allowing you to track costs related to various recruitment channels, advertising, and candidate sourcing methods. With this information, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your recruitment budget and allocate resources to the most cost-effective channels.


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