KPI Dashboard: Recruitment Performance Insights

Recruitment Dashboard KPI with Application Source:

This dynamic recruitment dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the hiring process, with a particular focus on the source of job applications. It serves as a valuable resource for HR professionals and talent acquisition teams to assess the effectiveness of various recruitment channels and refine their sourcing strategies.

Open Positions and New Roles: This section tracks the total number of open positions and new roles within the organization. It offers insights into the current workforce demand and the expansion of job opportunities.

Total Roles Candidates Placed and Total Hire: These metrics provide a snapshot of the total number of candidates placed and the overall number of successful hires. They showcase the recruitment team's achievements in filling critical roles.

Days to Hire: This KPI measures the average number of days it takes to complete the hiring process, from posting a job to making an offer. It reflects the efficiency and speed of the recruitment process.

Total Commission and Average Commission Rate: This section highlights the total commission paid for successful placements and the average commission rate. It offers transparency into recruitment-related expenditures.

Application Sources: This visual representation illustrates the distribution of job applications from various sources, including the company's website, referrals, LinkedIn, Indeed, and agencies. It helps in identifying the most productive channels for candidate sourcing.

Client Decline vs. Candidate Decline: This chart showcases the reasons for client and candidate declines in job offers. It includes factors such as salary expectations, required skills, work schedules, locations, and personal reasons. Understanding these trends can aid in addressing potential obstacles in the hiring process and improving offer acceptance rates.

Reasons for Client Decline: This section provides insights into the reasons why clients decline job offers, with categories including skills required, pay rates, work schedules, locations, and personal reasons.

Reasons for Candidate Decline: Similarly, this section outlines the reasons why candidates decline job offers, offering valuable feedback on areas that may need attention or adjustment in the hiring process.

By leveraging this recruitment dashboard, organizations can make data-driven decisions to enhance their recruitment strategies and optimize the hiring experience for both clients and candidates.

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